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Trees Installed

nursery trees for sale

PL Raises Trees & Shrubs For Sale At Our Nursery.


PL has more than a hundred acres of quality nursery trees and shrubs available for sale to the public and for use on landscape installations. Trees are grown from bare root or seedling size to ensure the ultimate in survivability and health. Under most installation circumstances, our trees are grown in the very same climate in which they are installed. This consistancy ensures the best possible planting results for Akron Ohio and surrounding areas.


PL has the following trees on a regular basis:


  • Various Maples including Crimson King Maples, October Glory, Autumn Fantasy, Autumn Sunset
  • Evergreen Trees including Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine
  • Ornamental Trees like Thundercloud Plum, Tricolor Beech, Kousa Dogwood and Sweet Bay Magnolia
  • Birch Trees including Whitespire Birch and Heritage River Birch.
  • Oak Trees including Pin Oaks, Red Oaks, White Oaks
  • Taxus x media (Common Yew), Hicks Yew, Capitata Yew
  • Gold Thread Cypress
  • Spireas including 'Gold Mound' 'Neon Flash' 'Anthony Waterer'
  • Various Juniper Species
  • Please give Paul Lucas a call for more info. If we don't have it we can usually get it quickly.

    PL Landscape takes pride in raising top quality plant material that is professionally pruned and maintained annually to provide the absolute best shape and branch structure. Our trees are perfect for landscape use and sure to add value to your property.


    As part of our routine maintenance, nursery trees are sprayed to ward off insects as well as fertilized and watered/irrigated to promote vigorous health.





    fertilizer and weed treatment lawn application